Modifikasi Motor Honda Vario Extreme Style Shark

If you see every side of a pointed shape, symbolizing the hero weapons. As the front cover, original lamp. The most sensational part, of the back. The model is like a spiral. "I most like the stern of this and be able to invite the attention of people. Something really different," proud father of this child. Remarkably, many curves, made of fiber. To emphasize the tapering angle and curve, selected one silver color plus black dots.

Not only an impressive body of weapons of war. Contrived Sepatbor tapered front, including a custom rim design with the all-pole spear. Even the size was somewhat daring peleknya, rear and front 8 inches 5 inches. Because the width, axle pushed back to 20 cm. Uniquely, the rear suspension can be up and down to 5 cm of water because it is equipped with suspension. Recognized Deto, these applications were copied from the car community. To keep the air tube is placed on the deck and filling the air took place as the motor in a well lit due to energy sourced from the battery.
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Yamaha X1R Vs Kawasaki Fury

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke InggrisTunjukkan huruf latin, motorcycle yamaha X1R picture is Also from the forum I get modifications in the Philippines. turns out there is' Different from the Motorcycle That Is in Indonesia, the name. but in body shape and construction remain the Same only the names That distinguishes it only from the motor.

We only see Motorcycles yamaha X1R it the Same as the Yamaha Jupiter MX in Indonesia. funds kawasaki fury like a 125 cc Suzuki Satria 150 cc. Which Is the comparison x1R Between rand yamaha kawasaki fury 125 cc's is a form of Body. problems and good speed I think yamaha X1R kawasaki fury than 125 and relatively the Same.
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Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 Base On GP

Kawasaki ninja 250RR is not equal to its original shape.
because this motor has been modified with the style of Jogja. to modify the style of Jogja style?. figurative only because the people who modify kawasaki ninja RR 250 is Yogyakarta.

Most make a difference in Jogja, kawasaki ninja is the arm swing.
arm swing arm used is a pro. so that this bike looks like moge. or large motorcycle. pro arm pairs on motorcycles kawasaki 250 ninja swing arm is used in disposable Honda RVF 400. cutting sticker on the adoption of the MotoGP style that looks more sporty.
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Bajai Pulsar 135 New Release

Bajai Pulsar 135 New Release...........

Pulsar LS 135 news presence was so Santer Came shortly after the principals of Bajaj in India officially launched its 135 cc sports bike engine capacity was mid last year. But only this time as a shareholder BAI dare bring motorcycle brands Bajaj Pulsar 135 DTS-i technology to the country.
See the machine That bears Almost no one Seems to competitors Who Are playing in this class. The closest is only Suzuki Thunder 125. IBHS in terms of capacity is clearly Different cylinders of the Pulsar 135.
Because it was probably not an overstatement if the President Director of BAI, KS Grihapathy so optimistic with the Pulsar 135. "Brand Pulsar so attached in the minds of consumers Bajaj in Indonesia, therefore We present the Pulsar 135 to open a new niche light class motor sports," he said on the sidelines of the launch 'Bajaj Pulsar 135 Pls ditemi LS.
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Modifikasi Motor Scorpio Full Fairing

Yamaha Scorpio modification base on the streetfighter, but Standard and Poor's impression on the show Because the robot is Also the owner of this bike like object similar to a robot.
Completed with a fairing That has been attached to the previous modification.

so to make the Yamaha Scorpio robot form is pretty easy.
combination of brush and black water and chocolate body wrap of this Yamaha Scorpio. impression of the Yamaha Scorpio motorsport modification Also note ins is so sporty style residences still attached. Please see more pictures below:
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Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun With Art Color Design

suzuki shogun 125 sp under this modification I get a pretty hard. Because suzuki shogun 125 sp is still a bit of the modification and the spread on the Internet. perhaps modification suzuki shogun's image is similar to other weblogs That have made the post about The modifications suzuki shogun 125 sp. what's Important note I have a post That Also contains the modifications suzuki shogun 125 sp.

I have three pictures MODIF suzuki shogun 125 sp Which Pls is roughly the image of the motor modification in the title contest. The best picture is the number three. Because I see a modification of the bike is very unique and beautiful clean look to the eye and have a high selling value. Because the price of the modification of the motor is more expensive than the original motor from the factory.
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